About SAB Homes

Owner and Founder, Scott Bamesberger calls himself an “old sheetrock guy”. It was this early experience in the homebuilding business that taught Scott how to look at the “bones” of a structure and truly see how every aspect of homebuilding needs to work in perfect harmony for a superior final product. SAB has a fantastic team of designers, subcontractors and staff to help you at every turn in the home building or buying process.

It is Scott’s extensive homebuilding experience that has allowed a comprehensive organizational code, keen sense of value, design and quality. This entire process makes it possible for you to experience as little “anxiety” over the home building and buying process. We know that buying your home is one of the largest investments you will ever make and this can lead to a feeling of being overwhelmed as the process unfolds. To help ease many of your concerns we have refined our building experience to make it as enjoyable as possible and allow you to enjoy the process of building your home.

SAB Homes works diligently to build homes that you will truly be proud to own. We have centralized many of the purchasing options from carpet to granite to allow the best value without sacrificing the quality of your home.

We invite you to compare the variety of home designs we offer at SAB Homes. We think you’ll find that we build some of the very best homes in Kansas City. More importantly, we are very proud of the hundreds of individuals and families that call their SAB house – home. Our homeowners are very passionate about the quality of their home and experience with SAB. We invite you to compare our homes to others on the market and we hope you’ll find that same passion for your new SAB home!