How pleased we are with his quality of work

Westhampton Rendering

“As you know John was here today. He is so thorough, so professional and will try and do whatever you ask. I feel like we are again in a fresh new house. He did all we asked and more. He looks at things carefully and scrutinizes thoroughly.We appreciate his quality of work and his friendly attitude. I know every home that he works in must be done with detailed care and professionalism.


I know you already know all this but after he left, I just had to reiterate how pleased we are with his quality of work. Thanks again.

He is such a hard worker. He said we don’t see him till an eleven month check so we can make sure our house has gone through all the seasons. He also said not to hesitate to call in between if we feel something major is wrong.”

Each of you has made a difference in this experience

“Thank you for the ease and grace in which you conduct business. We are grateful to have finally found the home we have been looking for. Each of you has made a difference in this experience.”

Thank you very much

Ashcliffe Rendering

“Just wanted to drop a quick note and say thank you very much to the gentleman who came out yesterday to do our warranty work. He was very nice and friendly. The people from SAB Homes really have the customer service thing down. Everyone that we have dealt with have been so great. It is nice to see people proud of their work.”